Rose Gold Cartier Replica For Mens For Sale

Cartier Replica Watch Blood Alcohol Content Test on Your Hands

Cartier Replica Design Studio is known for creating innovative products and has now created a new watch. The Japanese company's new watch, built under the Kisai name,Cartier Replica features an unusual feature. It allows you to check your Blood Alcohol Level. This will indicate if you are allowed to drive and if you are not.

This innovative concept watch features an LCD display and touch-screen controls. You can activate the Alcohol Test Function Mode to determine the alcohol content of your blood.Rolex Daytona Replica Simply blow into the opening on the watch's side and the new concept watch will display the level of intoxication.

Cartier Replica Breathalyzer Display Watch

The Cartier Replica original wristwatch comes with a bracelet made of stainless steel (in silver or black). This new concept watch will be a hit with those who like a glass of wine from time to time, thanks to the unique feature.

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